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Lotto industriale _07V

Town: Sasso Marconi
Sale - Industrial
Area di 21.000 mq, circa 5.000 mq di verde pubblico, capacità edificabile circa 9.600 mq, sita nell'area industriale-artigianale di Borgonuovo di Sasso Marconi (BO). Uso promiscuo previsto dal piano regolatore (commerciale, direzionale, industriale/artigianale, servizi). Adiacente al casello autostradale di Borgonuovo di prossima apertura.
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Bologna is one of the most important provinces in Italy for the number of manufacturing and service companies. Its industrial structure is mainly composed of small and medium-sized enterprises and among its manufactoring companies , it includes several European and World excellences. The most representative sectors are: precision mechanics , mechatronics , electronics , food and fashion. Bologna offers significant advantages in terms of logistics , since it is located in the center of the main road and rail networks in the country and has an international airport.